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Magic Automated Forex EA

PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA is a magical MT4 EA with a live track record, many years of stable trading, and a low drawdown. This is an advanced grid system that has already been working on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do), it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore, it is not a simple “hit and miss” system that only survives by using a grid. Instead, it uses actual market mechanics to its advantage to make a profit.

Because of this method, this EA has a very high ROI (Return on investment) with relatively good stability. According to our developers, this automated trading system can perform miracles. Many Traders scare away from Martingale, as this principle is perceived as the basis of the trading system. But based on our testing, PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA works well with good safety stability.

PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA is an automated Forex trading tool that utilizes advanced strategies, secure risk management, and versatile functionality across various timeframes and assets. Offering different filters, it provides flexibility to suit varied trading needs. As digital trading evolves, PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA is crucial, bringing efficiency and security to Forex trading.


  • For traders who prefer not to use the Martingale method, the PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA allows users to tailor the software’s strategies to suit their individual trading preferences and risk appetite.
  • PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA combines martingale with other methods to achieve a high return on investment (ROI).
  • The monthly profit generated by the software depends on the user’s lot size and risk value.
  • Adapting to Market Cycles with Multiple Strategies
  • Dynamic Portfolio Balancing Algorithm
  • Unparalleled Customizability with Over 50 Input Parameters
  • Predicting the future is an arduous task, especially when it comes to volatile financial markets. However, PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA is here to revolutionize how it perceives price movements in these markets.
  • Although primarily employed in physics to describe the relationship between space and time, the theory of relativity has found a unique application in this EA.
  • One of the key features of this EA is its unique approach to determining the entry point to the market. The entry point filter is used to identify optimal entry and exit points for trades.
  • One of the key features of this EA is its unique approach to determining the entry point to the market. The entry point filter is used to identify optimal entry and exit points for trades.
  • Its primary focus is on the counter-trend strategy, attempting to anticipate trend reversals before they happen. This allows traders to enter the market at an optimal price, capitalizing on the subsequent trend reversal.
  • All settings within PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA are external, allowing traders to configure the robot to their specifications.
  • The default strategy employs market orders in the PROFIT RATIO approach, but you can modify this to align with other strategies, such as TAKE PROFIT methodologies.


PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA is an automated Trading MT4 EA designed specially designed to trade on XAUUSD(GOLD) and MAJOR pairs. Trading on Gold Market is more Profitable than other pairs and riskier, So having the right tool to help you is a big part of the gold trading process.

Unlike traditional robots, PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA does not place the order grids against the trend. Instead, it positions them in line with the trend, capitalizing on market momentum and reducing risk. This technique is revolutionary in that when the trend changes, the robot intelligently reverses the balance of trading positions in the new trend’s direction. The result? The entire grid of orders closes in profit!

An added benefit of PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA is its flexibility. It can trade non-stop or operate at specific intervals, catering to the market’s volatility. The robot works best with trading instruments that exhibit good volatility, delivering optimal results. However, it’s recommended to avoid flat market conditions such as holidays, evenings, and night flat, and instead, run the robot on the news or during the American trading session.

We designed PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA with reliance on professional indicators that consider the price. Wherever the price goes, the robot opens positions, ensuring that the trading strategy remains dynamic and responsive to real-time market fluctuations. This user-friendly trading system is suitable for experienced and beginners, allowing everyone to harness the power of automated trading.

By default, this Trading MT4 EA enters the market at the opening of the trading session at 00.00 Market time. It opens a grid of orders based on the trend and patiently waits for the market trends to close it. This strategy ensures a steady profit per day, translating to a lucrative return of more per month, including refinancing.

Scalping Strategy

PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA is a Scalper Expert Advisor designed to earn more profit in the forex market. It employs a robust price action strategy combined with the Relative Strength Index and an array of Moving Averages, including Simple, Exponential, and Linear Weighted. The EA incorporates advanced money management techniques and probabilistic analysis to streamline your Forex trading experience.

PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA operates on a progressive scalping strategy. The trading robot identifies the trend direction using a combination of proprietary indicators. It then waits until the quotes have deviated from this trend by a specific distance. Following this, it executes a deal, moving toward the trend continuation.

This trading robot adds an extra layer of security to your transactions by setting a filter for each. This practice significantly reduces the potential loss on the trader’s account.

PARAMOUR CASABLANCA EA specializes in trading on trend pullbacks, a strategy that involves trading in the direction of the main market movement. This method is commonly employed in Forex trading, given its effectiveness in identifying potentially profitable trading opportunities.

You can trade with a fixed lot or use an auto lot and increase the transaction size automatically according to the specified criteria. The maximum drawdown percentage is low for this EA, which allows using this EA on a small deposit.


  • Minimum account balance of 100$.
  • Work Best on Gold and Major pairs. (Work on any pair)
  • Work best on M1 TimeFrame. (Work on any TimeFrame)
  • The Ea can run on multi-currency baskets.
  • It would be good to withdraw regularly and have a good money management strategy.
  • This Metatrader 4 Expert advisor should work on VPS without interruption and with a decent internet connection to reach stable results. So we recommend running this forex EA on a reliable VPS.
  • Low SpreadSlippage, and quick execution account is a Plus for this EA.
  • Please test in a demo account first for at least a week. Also, Make yourself familiar and understand how the Forex Scalping Robot works, then only use it in a real account.
  • News Filter doesn’t work on backtesting. This will cause backtesting results to be inaccurate because News Filter will help EA remove bad trades to limit Drawdown.
  • It’s susceptible to slippage, spread, and slow execution.

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